Certified Credit Privacy Policy

Certified Credit Reporting values your right, and your customer’s right to privacy

We are committed to keeping personal identifying and company identifying information safe, secure and confidential. The information we request from you will be used strictly to process your request and to contact you for corrections that may be needed to process your request. Only by law do we disclose your information.

Certified Credit does not resell or share with other companies or entities any personal identifying, corporate identifying, or demographic information gained through this process in any way. Certified Credit may use demographic information in aggregate which does not identify companies nor individuals for statistical reporting purposes. Certified Credit does use company demographic and contact information for its own, internal communications and marketing efforts unless you specifically choose otherwise.

We do not sell or share email addresses or any other contact information with third parties. All volunteered information is kept strictly confidential.

Data Collection and Retention

Certified Credit retains inquiry information, raw data, and delivered reports in accordance with Federal Law, duration specified by the permissible purpose for which is was requested. This archived information is stored encrypted on access-protected servers and other archival media. Logs of all activity are performed and periodically reviewed as a means to monitor our systems for malicious and irregular behavior. This logged data will also be analyzed for scientific and research purposes to help improve and enhance our systems and software, with all reasonable identifying information removed prior to analysis.

Outsourcing, Safe Harbor, and International Privacy

Certified Credit Reporting does not use any 3rd party outsourcing, and employs no persons outside of the United States. Further, no data defined in this Privacy Policy is stored off shore (outside the United States) for any reason.

On-line Tracking

Certified Credit Reporting does not use tracking cookies or other tools for the purposes of tracking customer or consumer access. Certified Credit does log the IP address for all on-line transactions for security reasons only, and attaches this information to the archive for all consumer reports generated. This IP address is required to be collected by contract and by applicable state and federal laws for forensic purposes only.

Your Consent

By using our systems and software, you consent to the collection of the information outlined above. Certified Credit reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to the Certified Credit Privacy Policy will be reflected on this web page prior to the change. These changes may include changes to what information we collect, how this information is used, and under what circumstances this information will be disclosed.