Mortgage Information Services

Certified Credit Reporting pride itself in offering state of the art Mortgage Information Services with access to all popular loan origination software, together with accessible and personable customer service.   We offer many products such as Tri-Merge Credit Reports, Consumer Authentication, Tax Return Verifications, Flood Reports, Fraud Reports, Disclosure Mail Services, just to name a few.  We know you have options when it comes to choosing a mortgage service provider. So why choose Certified credit. Three simple reasons should suffice.  


  1. We help you close more loans.
  2. We help you stay in compliance.
  3. We help you to be more profitable.


Closing loans is what this is all about. Our products, our services and, most of all our people, will help you close more loans. Click on any of the menu items on the left for more information regarding the specific products.


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