Background Screening

Credit Record Checks

We research an applicant’s credit history to determine spending patterns and fiscal reliability. Bankruptcies, lawsuits and collections are included in the report.


Education Verification

Direct verification of dates of attendance, diploma or degree earned for the highest level attended.


Employment Verification

Verify dates of employment, job title, responsibilities and reason for departure. Salary, performance and rehire eligibility can also be reported, if applicable.


Federal Criminal Search

Reports the records of crimes committed against Federal criminal laws. This information is not included on a county or statewide record.


International Search

Tailored International reports to include information such as credit & finance information, criminal & civil records, verifications and references.


Metro Criminal Searches

Report consists of a combination of “County” searches for a metropolitan area and includes from 2-15 counties per area. The counties will be displayed when the metro area is selected. The price for these is higher than a single county search but is less than if the counties were selected individually.


Motor Vehicle Records

This will reveal all citations, license revocations, auto insurance cancellations and cited accidents. It is a must for any employee assigned a company vehicle or with driving responsibilities.


Motor Vehicle Report

Driving record provided by the specified state in which the applicant holds a valid license. The data reported and number of years included will vary slightly by state.


Social Security Number Search

Determining that the Social Security Number provided by the applicant is of legitimate issue, and has been used by the proper party can help rule out false identity. Report may also help verify previous addresses, date of birth and information.


State Criminal Search

Accesses the statewide criminal repository if available in a given state. The type of data and number of years of information and depth of information will vary state to state.


Substance Abuse Detection

Drug screening panels available to meet your needs for pre-employment and random drug testing of existing employees.


US Wants and Warrants

Nationwide search for outstanding warrants for extractable offenses. This will not provide information about an applicant’s criminal history.


Workers’ Compensation

History of Workers Compensation claims. Each state limits the data they report. Reports typically contain date of incident(s), time lost, employer during time of accident, type of injury, and body part damage. (This report can only be generated after a “conditional job offer” has been made).




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